Guaranteed Renewal
We offer Guaranteed Renewal (depending on the company) which means: if the horse has suffered an injury or illness reported during the policy period and the insured renews, the company will cover the animal for mortality and the same value. This endorsement extends the animal mortality portion of the policy for another 12 month period.


Colic Surgery Coverage
Emergency Colic Surgery (ECS) is included with the Mortality/Theft policy. This coverage is added at no additional charge provided the animal does not have a history of serious colic problems (i.e. multiple medical colics or recent colic surgery). The coverage limit is 50% of the insured value with a maximum of $3000 to $5000 (depending on company) with no deductible. When you insure your horse for major medical as well, you will have access to the maximum limits on both.


Guaranteed Extension
Guaranteed Extension may also be added to the Mortality policy. This provides coverage in the event a medical condition occurs and is reported during the policy period. At renewal of the policy, mortality coverage will automatically continue for 365 days for that specific reported condition.


Stallion ASD/Fertility
Stallion Accident, Sickness, Disease protects the stallion owner against an unforeseen circumstance that renders a breeding horse sterile due to an accident, sickness or disease during the policy period. The forms for fertility coverage must be completed by a veterinarian with a semen count and records from the owner regarding the breeding history of the stallion. The stallion must have mares in foal to obtain this coverage.