Personal Horse Owners Liability
This policy provides coverage for the private horse owner whether the insured’s horses are at home, a stable or a show or event. It will cover the owner of the horse in the event of a law suit for bodily injury to a person or property damage directly caused by your animal. This policy will defend and pay claims made against you for which you may be legally liable during the policy period. The limits of liability are a choice of $300,000, $500,000 or $1,000.000 for a reasonable yearly premium.


Equine Commercial General Liability
This program protects a commercial establishment against claims brought against you resulting from your equine operations. It is designed for those stable owners who conduct business in breeding, training, boarding, selling and instruction. The limit of this policy is $1,000,000 with double and triple aggregates available. Professionals will find this coverage most beneficial in conducting and protecting their business interests. We will obtain a free quote for this coverage when you provide us with a completed application.


Care, Custody and Control
A popular coverage for stable owners, breeders, and trainers, this provides for legal liability in the event a horse not owned by you dies or is injured in the care, custody or control of the insured policy holder. It also extends to include travel from the facility for a radius of 100 miles for the purpose of showing, training, breeding or boarding. Under this policy, payment for defense of the insured and any additional expenses regarding a lawsuit will also be paid. This policy is not subject to any deductibles and the transit limitation of 100 miles may be extended throughout the continental United States and Canada. This coverage may be included with a commercial equine stable liability policy or may be written as a stand alone policy.


Riding Clubs and Associations
This policy is designed to provide liability coverage for equine member organizations and their public event days. Public event days are those activities in which non-members participate or to which the general public is invited. Groups wishing to protect themselves from liability may obtain coverage under this policy with limits up to $1,000,000. The basic policy provides for any combination of up to seven event days for liability in which the group is legally obligated to pay in respect to property damage and /or bodily injury occurring on the insured premises. Coverage is available in $300,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000 amounts. The premium is based on the number of members and the number of days for which coverage is required.


Equine Event Policy (Commercial General Liability)

Liability coverage is available for individual horse shows, clinics, or equestrian events. Coverage is provided for the actual event days declared and includes days for both setup and takedown. This coverage is important for individuals who promote equine events.